Monday Morning Tip Sheet

on Apr 23, 2012

Maverick PAC will have a reception in Jackson today with special guest Gov. Phil Bryant. The event begins at 6 p.m. and will be held at Nick’s in Jackson.

Maverick PAC USA is a federal PAC comprised of next-generation Young Professional Republicans under the age of 45 who commit their time, talents, and money to promote conservative principles of personal and fiscal responsibility in public service, and they have had an impressive impact in leadership capacities for many local, state, and federal races. You can find additional details here.

Rep. Gregg Harper will hold a town hall with the Central Mississippi Tea Party today at 5:30 p.m. The event will take place at the Pearl Community Room on Old Brandon Road next to the Pearl Library.

Tomorrow, Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef will speak to the same group at the general Central Mississippi Tea Party meeting at the Flowood Municipal Complex. The event begins at 5:30 p.m.

Both the House and Senate will gavel in at 4 p.m. Thursday is the deadline to concur or not concur on amendments from the other house to general bills and Constitutional amendments.

Here are three stories that are driving the day in Mississippi:

1. Clarion-Ledger: Bryant’s first 100 days: Methodical approach produces early victories

He’s tough.

He’s not tough enough.

He’s not Haley Barbour.

After his first 100 days in office, Gov. Phil Bryant is receiving mixed reviews while living up to the expectations of both critics and admirers.

Bryant’s take on Bryant is clear. Motioning toward a small bust of Teddy Roosevelt atop his desk, he says, “You can move T.R. out of the way if you want to. I keep him there to remind me to charge on occasion.”

He is keeping tabs on his progress with a color-coded spreadsheet, adding checkmarks when victory is won.

2. Press release: Gov. Bryant urges lawmakers to pass strong Child Protection Act

Gov. Phil Bryant stressed the importance of The Child Protection Act, House Bill 16, in a letter to Senate Chairman Briggs Hopson and House Chairman Andy Gibson. The bill has moved to conference, where House and Senate members will work to draft final language for the measure.

Bryant is urging lawmakers to retain original House language that requires the retention of DNA evidence for use in possible criminal prosecutions.

“Returning this legislation back to the original House version will provide the necessary tools for law enforcement to fight crimes against children,” Bryant said. “The Child Protection Act will send a clear message that Mississippi will not tolerate such abuse and will pursue the criminal who preys on children.”

3. WLBT: Redistricting maps in place and under private review

The battle over how district lines will look in Mississippi is now beginning. Proposed house and senate maps are in place, announced Friday morning during the joint legislative redistricting committee meeting which lasted about two minutes. The maps were not revealed to the public or media.

“Because of the complexity of the redistricting, the draft plan is being reviewed by experts under contract with our attorneys to determine the plan’s compliance with Section Five of the Voting Rights Act and traditional redistricting principles,” said representative Bill Denny of Jackson.

Denny is pushing forward the house plan while Senator Merle Flowers is pushing the one from the senate. Both men declined further comment about the maps but told the committee once guidance is given by those experts, the committee will be called for a vote.

“We will consult with our experts regarding the plan’s compliance with pertinent law,” said Flowers of Southaven.