Municipal Elections Reminder

on Feb 8, 2017
We are now less than one month from the March 3rd deadline for individuals to qualify to run for municipal offices later this year, We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm across the state among Republicans for municipal elections. Below are some important reminders about key dates and issues related to the elections.

Key Municipal Election Dates

March 3: Deadline for individuals to qualify as a candidate for municipal office. Click here for information on how to qualify.

May 2: Primary Election Day

June 6: General Election Day

Republican Municipal Committees

For individuals to run for municipal office as a Republican, the municipality must have in place a Republican Municipal Executive Committee. Municipal Committees, among other duties, approve the qualifications of party candidates for municipal office and, if necessary, conduct (or contract with local municipal election officials to conduct) party primary elections.

If a Republican Municipal Committee wasn’t elected in 2013 to operate for this year’s primary elections, and a Temporary Municipal Committee for this year hasn’t been formed, the county Republican Executive Committee should operate as the Municipal Committee and must notify the Municipal Clerk that it will be doing so.

Regardless of who is serving as a municipality’s Republican Committee—i.e., a Committee elected in 2013, a temporary committee, or the county executive committee—the Chairmen of the committee or his or her designee MUST attend a certification training session conducted by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office. Click here for more information on upcoming training sessions (4 sessions remaining with last session occurring February 22).

How You Can Help

1. Encourage Republicans to run for municipal office or consider running yourself!

2. Contact your local Republican leaders to make sure your municipality either has a Republican Municipal Committee formed or that your County Executive Committee will be performing that function.

It is critical that Mississippi Republicans continue the momentum from last year’s historic Republican victories into this year’s municipal elections. We cannot sit idly by and allow the Party of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to continue to win elections at the municipal level in Mississippi.

Thank you very much for everything you do for the Republican Party, our candidates, and for advancing conservative principles in our nation, state, and municipalities.

MSGOP Chairman Comments on Congressman Bennie Thompson

on Apr 30, 2014

Chairman Joe Nosef Comments on Congressman Bennie Thompson

April 30, 2014

Bobby Morgan: (601-948-5191)

JACKSON—MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef issued the following statement on Congressman Bennie Thompson’s recent comments:

“Congressman Thompson made so many inflammatory, racist remarks about Mississippians & others that I unfortunately can’t comment on all of them. I will just say that over the last two 1/2 years of traveling this state nonstop I have heard about every reason under the sun to oppose Obama with the exception of any reason having to do with his race. And Congressman Thompson’s allegation that Governor Bryant opposes Medicaid expansion “just because a black man created it” is the mother of all outrageous statements. And the sad thing is since Mississippi Democrats have not disavowed his comments, they must agree. No wonder Democrat elected officials in Mississippi can’t change parties fast enough.”

Congressman Thompson’s remarks:


From The Desk of State Sen. Angela Hill

From The Desk of State Sen. Angela Hill

on Apr 28, 2014

Republican Leadership Conference 2014/ Common Core Panel Special Pricing

Hello Fellow Patriots,

This is Senator Angela Hill of District 40 MS. Most of you know I have been working relentlessly to get Common Core stopped in MS as well as in other states. I, along with Senator Michael Watson and Senator Tony Smith, have been given the unique opportunity to be on the official program at the Republican Leadership Conference in NOLA the last weekend in May. We will present a panel discussion on Common Core. Governor Jindal has recently spoken out definitively in the Baton Rouge Advocate regarding his opposition to Common Core’s Federal involvement and his resolve to get LA out of the Federal Testing Consortium known as PARCC. MS is also a member of PARCC.

Matt Williamson – Enterprise-Journal: Senate primary heats up

Matt Williamson – Enterprise-Journal: Senate primary heats up

on Apr 1, 2014

With longtime Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran facing what is arguably the fiercest primary challenge of his career in the form of tea party-backed state Sen. Chris McDaniel, Republican Party chairman Joe Nosef is playing a balancing act at the podium.

In an appearance at the McComb Exchange Club Thursday, Nosef spoke no ill words about Cochran or McDaniel in the hotly contested race.

The election is being billed in the national press as one of several contests pitting upstart tea party candidates against incumbents who have long sat comfortably in the ranks of the Republican establishment.

From the Desk of Congressman Steven Palazzo

From the Desk of Congressman Steven Palazzo

on Dec 9, 2013

Loud and Clear

 On Wednesday, December 22, 2010, President Obama declared the 111th Congress as “a season of progress for the American people.”

Similarly, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dubbed it “the most productive Congress in American history.”

It is true that the productivity of the 111th Congress stands out in stark contrast to the 112th and the 113th. But that doesn’t mean people were happier with the results. The work of the 111th Congress so angered Americans that Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives in a historic election. I believe Americans were just as unhappy with the way bills were pushed through the 111th Congress as they are with the lack of business that’s been done in the 113th. In both cases, the American public was and is weary of being ignored by Washington.

Chairman Nosef on Passing of Former Gov. Bill Allain

on Dec 2, 2013

Chairman Joe Nosef on Passing of Former Gov. Bill Allain

December 2, 2013

Bobby Morgan: (601-948-5191)

JACKSON—MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef issues the following statement on the passing of former Gov. William A. Allain:

“I was fortunate to get to know Governor Allain as one of my professors in law school. During the last twenty years we kept in touch, and he was nice enough to take time to provide counsel on issues of mutual importance. His public service to the state of Mississippi and the country should be appreciated by all.” 


From the Desk of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann

From the Desk of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann

on Oct 28, 2013

The Secretary of State’s Office has had a busy summer as we continue to work to serve Mississippi to the highest standards.

In May, along with several members of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Legislative Delegation, I announced the purchase of a significant portion of Cat Island, one of the barrier islands located off the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Through several different funding mechanisms, the State of Mississippi was able to acquire approximately 217 acres of Cat Island from a private landowner at minimal cost to the State. We had the opportunity to purchase this portion of Cat Island primarily through settlement funds and federal grants. Just as the State secured funding for Deer Island in the past, this purchase was yet another investment in conserving the natural resources of Mississippi’s Barrier Islands.

From the Desk of State Auditor Stacey Pickering

From the Desk of State Auditor Stacey Pickering

on Oct 2, 2013

As the State Auditor for Mississippi, my Office performs several vital services that ensure the accountability of state and local governments in Mississippi.

We are the primary auditor for the financial statements of the State of Mississippi, and issue the opinion on the State’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). We also perform the annual Single Audit of the State of Mississippi, which is undertaken to ensure that federal funds coming to the state are expended for the intended purposes.