As Chairman of the United Republican Fund, I would like to welcome you to our United Republican Fund Page. We are excited about increasing the visibility of URF so we can continue to do what our early leaders charged us to do-raise money through a low dollar grassroots network. For five decades, the URF has served as the financial backbone of the Mississippi Republican Party. In fact, the success of the MSGOP is built on the backs of the members of the URF. Through this dedicated stream of monthly revenue, the URF has played an integral role in the early growth of the MSGOP, and that importance continues to this day.

By becoming a URF member, you are supporting our Party, our candidates, and our values-while also ensuring the MSGOP maintains its strength for the future. I became a member of the URF in 1979 and proudly remain so to this day. I cannot over emphasize how important this $20 a month commitment is to the party to promote our ideals in Jackson and in Washington, DC. There is no question that $20 dollars a month is a good investment in helping elect Republicans in Mississippi.

So join the URF family today!

Ellen Jernigan

What Is URF?

The United Republican Fund is the sustaining membership program of the Mississippi Republican Party. URF members contribute a minimum of $20 each month through a recurring bank draft, providing a reliable monthly flow of income and a solid foundation for the Party’s operating budget.

By joining URF, you will enjoy a number of benefits, including discounted admission and priority registration to Mississippi Republican Party events, members-only mailings, and most importantly- you are helping the MSGOP grow in the years and decades to come!

*Please note that to qualify as a URF member, individuals must contribute a minimum of $20 per month for at least twelve months. 

Click here for a printable copy of the URF brochure, or you can use the sign-up form below.