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There They Go Again! (Vol.2)

on Jul 1, 2015

Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential race, an email series keeping tabs on erroneous, preposterous, and/or deceptive statements uttered by out-of-touch Mississippi Democrats in an election year.


In the last edition of this email series, we drew attention to prominent newspaper columnists calling out House Democrat Leader Bobby Moak for his misleading and partisan rhetoric about the Republican record on public education. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Bobby Moak is once again the focus, and this time not for anything he said, but for his complete failure to say anything.

Last week was one of the biggest political news weeks in recent history, with the reignited debate over our state flag and U.S. Supreme Court decisions upholding Obamacare and requiring states to recognize gay marriage. Mississippi’s Republican leaders were engaged on the issues, responding to queries from constituents and the media, issuing statements, and announcing potential next steps in light of the decisions.

Bobby Moak, on the other hand, rather than engaging the issues, spent the week sending out swanky invitations to a “late afternoon reception,” July 7th, on Highway 30A in Seagrove Beach, FL, and issuing a written plea for money in the bizarre form of a review of the upcoming film The Free State of Jones starring Matthew McConaughey.

On the issues of the flag and gay marriage, as the Clarion Ledger put it, “. . . crickets.” Silence from the state Democrat Leader. And on the issue of Obamacare, merely a statement to reporters in favor of Medicaid expansion.

Perhaps the reason Bobby Moak is not talking about the issues is because he doesn’t want to remind people back home how far and irreversibly left his Party has veered under President Obama, forcing upon Mississipians the job-killing, rate-hiking, government takeover of health care that is Obamacare and liberal social policies.

At any rate, it’s time for Republicans across the state to unite and vote out Democrats like Bobby Moak, and send a clear and resounding message that in today’s Mississippi, you can be a conservative or a Democrat, but you can’t be both.



There They Go Again! (Vol.1)

on Jun 12, 2015

Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential race, an email series keeping tabs on erroneous, preposterous, and/or deceptive statements uttered by out-of-touch Mississippi Democrats in an election year.


It seems that House Democrat leader Bobby Moak has decided that the only way he can save his seat in the legislature is to engage in false and misleading rhetoric intended to demonize his opponents.

A couple months ago it was that Republicans have a “hostile relationship with education,” are engaged in an “assault on Mississippi educators,” and are “punishing” children. And now, most recently, Moak has declared, simply, that one cannot be a Republican and also support education.

The focus of Mr. Moak’s most recent outburst is once again the Literacy-Based Promotion Act, a Republican-backed law ending schools automatically promoting students to the fourth grade even if they can’t read, a law Mr. Moak fails to mention he voted for in 2013. Mr. Moak calls the law a “disaster” and a “calamity” because Republicans haven’t given school districts more money and haven’t required pre-K education.

Thankfully, it took only a few days before objective newspaper columns appeared calling Moak out for his misleading and partisan rhetoric.

Columnist Sid Salter wrote that all of the failures Moak assigns to Republicans are things Moak and Democrats did nothing about in their decades of power in the legislature, before Republicans took control in 2012. Furthermore, Salter wrote, it was Republicans who this year appropriated more funds for public education than ever before in state history, to the tune of $2.5 billion.

And far from being a “disaster” or “calamity,” columnist Bill Crawford wrote that the initial test results show that the Literacy-Based Promotion Act “is working.” Crawford pointed out that the final percentage of third graders held back in Mississippi for failure to read at grade level will likely be less than the first year of Florida’s acclaimed program, the model for the Mississippi law. Crawford also emphasized that initial test results demonstrate “that school leadership, teacher preparation, and instructional methodology had more to do with pass rates than funding.”

Additionally, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, after studying the initial test results from Mississippi’s third graders, wrote about the Act, “Mississippi clearly believes the ability to read opens doors and opportunities that every child deserves. And that belief is fueling life-changing action in the state.”

Honest policy debates are good for everyone. False, misleading, and purely partisan rhetoric, on the other hand, is not. Unfortunately for us all, from the looks of it, the irresponsible rhetoric from Bobby Moak and other Democratic leaders regarding Republicans and education policy is likely to rise as we get closer to Election Day in November.

Last week, on the topic of Gov. Phil Bryant supporting Bobby Moak’s Republican opponent Vince Mangold of Brookhaven, Moak commented: “When the governor of the state sends out an email saying he opposes a lowly legislator, I would say our strategy (to retake the House) must be working . . . .” Looking at Moak’s liberal voting record, his long history of irresponsible and partisan rhetoric, and his conservative-leaning district, however, it’s clear to anyone paying attention why Gov. Bryant is supporting Moak’s Republican opponent, and it’s not because he’s worried about Republicans losing seats in the House.


Chairman Nosef Comments on Trent Kelly’s Election to Congress

on Jun 3, 2015

June 3, 2015

Spencer Ritchie:; (601) 948-5191

JACKSON—MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef issued the following statement on Trent Kelly’s victory yesterday evening in the First Congressional District special election:

“I want to congratulate Trent Kelly on a hard-fought campaign and a well-deserved victory. Having known Trent for some time, I am confident that he will represent the First Congressional District with dignity, honor, and class, continuing the legacy of his predecessor, the late Alan Nunnelee.

I also want to thank the many volunteers and local Republican leaders who for the second time in a matter of weeks turned out the vote in support of Republican candidates. At a time of year when many people are traveling or not thinking about elections, these tireless servants made sure that voters understood the great importance of this election.

This 40 percent-margin blowout election win is a sobering dose of reality for the Democrat leadership who only days ago were claiming the MSGOP was in ‘disarray’ and lecturing Governor Bryant on the ineffectiveness of his endorsements. Governor Bryant enjoys a 96% approval rating among Republicans and 72% among all voters, so Democrats should prepare to see him all across the state this year helping defeat even more of their out of touch candidates.

Our Party is stronger than ever now, thanks to how successful our GOP team has been running our state’s government in a conservative, effective manner.”



Gov. Bryant and MSGOP Chairman Nosef to Campaign with Trent Kelly on Election Day (Tomorrow!)

on Jun 1, 2015

Tomorrow, election day in the special election runoff to replace the late Alan Nunnelee in Congress, Gov. Phil Bryant and MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef will join Republican candidate Trent Kelly as he continues his get out the vote bus tour that began today. Here is tomorrow’s schedule:

8:15am, Louisville, Mary Lou’s Biscuit Bar

9:05am, Ackerman, Cagle’s Corner

10:10am, Mantee, Mantee City Hall

12:00pm, Oxford, Boure Restaurant

1:50pm, Senatobia, LandBank of Senatobia

2:40pm, Hernando, Courthouse Square

3:15pm, Southaven, Kroger Parking Lot

3:55pm, Olive Branch, City Court Building

Gov. Bryant and Chairman Nosef will join Kelly in Oxford and the stops that follow. Vote first and then come support Trent Kelly at one of the stops!

Kelly faces Democrat Walter Zinn in tomorrow’s runoff. For more on Trent Kelly…



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