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Municipal Elections Reminder

on Feb 8, 2017
We are now less than one month from the March 3rd deadline for individuals to qualify to run for municipal offices later this year, We are seeing tremendous enthusiasm across the state among Republicans for municipal elections. Below are some important reminders about key dates and issues related to the elections.

Key Municipal Election Dates

March 3: Deadline for individuals to qualify as a candidate for municipal office. Click here for information on how to qualify.

May 2: Primary Election Day

June 6: General Election Day

Republican Municipal Committees

For individuals to run for municipal office as a Republican, the municipality must have in place a Republican Municipal Executive Committee. Municipal Committees, among other duties, approve the qualifications of party candidates for municipal office and, if necessary, conduct (or contract with local municipal election officials to conduct) party primary elections.

If a Republican Municipal Committee wasn’t elected in 2013 to operate for this year’s primary elections, and a Temporary Municipal Committee for this year hasn’t been formed, the county Republican Executive Committee should operate as the Municipal Committee and must notify the Municipal Clerk that it will be doing so.

Regardless of who is serving as a municipality’s Republican Committee—i.e., a Committee elected in 2013, a temporary committee, or the county executive committee—the Chairmen of the committee or his or her designee MUST attend a certification training session conducted by the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office. Click here for more information on upcoming training sessions (4 sessions remaining with last session occurring February 22).

How You Can Help

1. Encourage Republicans to run for municipal office or consider running yourself!

2. Contact your local Republican leaders to make sure your municipality either has a Republican Municipal Committee formed or that your County Executive Committee will be performing that function.

It is critical that Mississippi Republicans continue the momentum from last year’s historic Republican victories into this year’s municipal elections. We cannot sit idly by and allow the Party of Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to continue to win elections at the municipal level in Mississippi.

Thank you very much for everything you do for the Republican Party, our candidates, and for advancing conservative principles in our nation, state, and municipalities.

Polls Are Open

on Mar 8, 2016

Fellow Republican,

Today is Mississippi’s turn to have a voice in the 2016 presidential primary. With your vote, you can send a message across the country that our state still believes in the values of a free market, limited government and protecting individual freedom from government overreach. Your vote counts!

Not sure where to vote today? Click here to find out where your polling place is located.

Polls will be open from 7:00am – 7:00pmCST

Chairman Nosef to Appear on MSNBC Special Election Broadcast Live From Oxford

on Mar 7, 2016


Chairman Nosef to Appear on MSNBC Special
Election Broadcast Live From Oxford


Mississippi Republican Party (MSGOP) Chairman Joe Nosef will be a special guest on MSNBC’s special election broadcast from Oxford, Mississippi. Tune in TODAY at 12:30pmCST for LIVE coverage with Chris Jansing as Chairman Nosef weighs in on tomorrow’s presidential primary election in Mississippi.


Chairman Nosef was a guest panelist last week on MSNBC’s “Meet the Press Daily” hosted by Chuck Todd and “Morning Joe” hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Each segment featured Chairman Nosef discussing the Mississippi presidential primary and can be viewed below.

View the full segment of “Meet the Press Daily” here.

View the full segment of “Morning Joe” here.

Statements on the Passing of Nancy Reagan

on Mar 6, 2016

CONTACT: Jennifer Dunagin | 601-466-0593


Statements by Governor Phil Bryant and MSGOP

Chairman Joe Nosef on the Passing of Nancy Reagan


JACKSON, MS – Governor Phil Bryant and Mississippi Republican Party (MSGOP) Chairman Joe Nosef released the following statement on the passing of former First Lady Nancy Reagan:

Governor Phil Bryant: “Today, America lost a great lady. Nancy Reagan was the perfect example of charm and caring that embodies the term ‘First Lady.’ Nancy and Ronald Reagan were an American love story that has never ended. The President would be the first to say his success was because of Nancy. I understand that sentiment in a very personal way. Deborah and I are children of the Reagan Revolution and realize It may have never happened without the gentle sprit and devotion of Nancy. She now is, once again, with her beloved Ronnie. I am sure they are walking the streets of Glory, hand in hand.”

MSGOP Chairman Joe Nosef: “Our country has lost one of its finest in the passing of Nancy Reagan. She was the epitome of grace and dignity, and embodied a sense of poise and strength as First Lady of the United States. Mrs. Reagan will always be remembered for her service to our country, and her loyal devotion to her husband and our President. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Reagan family.”