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There They Go Again! (Vol. 5)

on Aug 27, 2015

August 27, 2015

Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential race, an email series keeping tabs on erroneous, preposterous, and/or deceptive statements uttered by out-of-touch Mississippi Democrats in an election year.

If it wasn’t clear enough already that the Mississippi Democratic Party has lost its way, it certainly is today. The Party is bringing liberal superstar Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chairman of the DemocraticNational Committee, in to Jackson to headline their next big fundraiser.

Wasserman Schultz was not only a lead cheerleader for ObamaCare, she continued to defend the President’s lie about keeping your coverage long after 14 million Americans started losing their coverage.

Wasserman Schultz presided over the Democratic platform that removed any mention of God, calling it a technical oversight, and then presided over the Democratic National Convention where the crowds hissed and booed when they tried to insert a reference to God, from whom all our rights flow.

Wasserman Schultz represents all the most extreme elements of the Left wing, from abortion on demand to big deficit-widening spending to higher taxes. Just a couple of months ago, she was justifying abortion in the third trimester and was calling Republicans “bigots” for opposing President Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.

And, like the presumptive Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, Wasserman Schultz gets low grades for honesty and trustworthiness. Mainstream reporters like CNN’s Anderson Cooper and even liberal pundits like Bill Maher have sparred with her over “lies.” And, Politico on the U.S. Capitol beat has published stories documenting how she trades votes for campaign donations.

If Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the face the Mississippi Democrats want to put on their Party, it sure does explain why more and more Mississippians are voting Republican. And it also further demonstrates that in Mississippi now you can be a conservative or a Democrat, but you can’t be both.


Time to Rally the Troops

on Aug 26, 2015

August 26, 2015

Dear fellow Republicans:

With primary election season now behind us, and the Republican and Democrat tickets set, we must now set our focus on winning on November 3rd.

What a stark contrast between Governor Bryant keeping our Party more unified than ever by garnering 93% of the primary vote, and on the other hand, a Democrat primary where their hand-picked well-funded trial lawyer candidate was unable to even force a runoff against a truly unknown candidate. With Democrats in chaos and fighting internal turmoil, Republicans have the obvious momentum, and we’ve got to keep it. The stakes are simply too high to do anything else.

Republicans, led by Governor Bryant, are running on a record of economic growth, increased job opportunities, and pro-family values, while the Democrats espouse tax increases, job-killing and rate-hiking regulations, and liberal social views. The contrast could not be any greater.

It’s time to rally the troops. We must build up and organize our Mississippi grassroots army today to be successful on November 3rd. Can we count on you to help?

Click here to volunteer and someone from the MSGOP will be in touch. If you can’t volunteer, can you chip in $20.15 to help propel Republicans to victory in November?

Here’s just a few ways you can help:

Volunteer at a local phone bank

Door knock in your neighborhood

Serve as a precint or neighborhood captain

If you can’t volunteer, can you chip in $20.15 to help propel Republicans to victory in November?

$20 = 10,000 Online Voter Contacts

$50 = 1,000 Phone Calls

$100 = 1,000 Door Knocks

We need your help today to win at the ballot box on November 3rd. Volunteer or chip in what you can — either way we win!


Joe Nosef, Chairman
Mississippi Republican Party

P.S. In return for contributing at least $20.15 to propel our Republican candidates to victory, we will send you the bumper sticker of your choice from one of our eight Republican candidates for statewide office. Just make sure to provide your email address and phone number in the donation form so we can follow up with you about the sticker. Whether its volunteering your time or contributing financially, our conservative Mississippi candidates are counting on you!



There They Go Again! (Vol. 4)

on Aug 11, 2015

There They Go Again! (Vol. 4)

Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential race, an email series keeping tabs on erroneous, preposterous, and/or deceptive statements uttered by out-of-touch Mississippi Democrats in an election year.


Democrats continue to parrot their old talking points on the so-called “war on women.” But, really they’re just trying to divert attention away from the fact that in poll after poll, women across the country are unimpressed with their President’s job performance.

From CNN and Gallup to Harvard and Zogby, women disapprove of the job President Obama is doing. And, that is particularly true of young women, in their twenties. It’s little wonder, too. When it comes to the issues that truly matter to women – jobs, the economy, health care – the President’s record is abysmal.

The Democrats’ tired rhetoric about the so-called “war on women” is also meant to divert attention away from some of the serious gaffes that Democrat candidates have made in recent years – gaffes not so surprisingly glossed over by most mainstream media.

For instance, the Democrat candidate for Governor in South Carolina last year called Governor Nikki Haley a “whore” and then laughed it off. A Democrat Congressional candidate in Virginia last year said now-Congresswoman Barbara Comstock had never had a real job. Apparently, being a mother of three and an accomplished lawyer and entrepreneur doesn’t count for women in his book. And, former Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) condescendingly compared his opponent, now-Senator Joni Ernst, to Taylor Swift.

Shameful comments. And, the silence from their Democrat colleagues – and the mainstream media – was deafening.

Republicans on the other hand are making gains with women because we’re focusing on the issues that really matter to them, like jobs, the economy, and health care. More and more women are running as Republican candidates and more and more women are serving as Republican elected officials. We have 3 successful Republican women Governors, 42 Republican women in Congress, and more than 700 Republican women in our 50 state legislatures.

Of course, while Mississippi Democrats chose to reject two female candidates for Governor last week, the GOP ticket is full of strong, principled Republican women, like Treasurer Lynn Fitch and Agriculture Commissioner Cindy Hyde-Smith.

And, Republican policies are making great strides for Mississippi women. In fact, American Express ranks the Magnolia State as one of the top 5 states for women-owned businesses, with an 81 percent growth since 1997.

Little wonder women across Mississippi and the rest of the country are ignoring the Democrats’ tired old lines about the so-called “war on women”.


Chairman Nosef to Appear on Morning Joe

on Aug 6, 2015

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef will be a guest on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski tomorrow August 7, at 6:40 a.m. Central Time/7:40 a.m. Eastern Time. Chairman Nosef will be on a panel with national political commentators to recap and discuss tonight’s Republican Presidential Debate. He will also review the results of Mississippi’s primary elections and preview this fall’s statewide general elections. Chairman Nosef is in Cleveland today attending the Republican National Committee’s annual Summer meeting and the Presidential Debate.



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