Republican Candidate Qualifiers

Republican Candidate Qualifiers

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Registration Deadline October 3rd!

on Sep 30, 2015


This is it!  This Saturday, October 3rd is the deadline to register if you want to vote in this November’s election.  If you are not registered or know someone who is not, please click here.

The form must be filled out and mailed in or hand-delivered to your county’s Circuit Clerk.  And if you mail it, the postmark must be no later than October 3rd.  A full list of Circuit Clerk addresses is on the back of the form, which you can print right here.

You can always pick up one of these forms in your Circuit Clerk’s office, but why not just print it out right here and get it in?  Remember: All the doors knocked, calls made, and signs planted don’t make a bit of difference if we don’t get out to vote Republican on Election Day!


Candidate of the Week:

Sam Britton, Southern District PSC


We have so many great Republican candidates on the ballot this year.  We’d like to highlight some of them here in our weekly newsletter.  This week, meet Sam Britton, running for the Public Service Commission for the Southern District.

Sam lives in Laurel with his wife, Robin, and is a graduate of Jones County Junior College and the University of Southern Mississippi.  He is a certified public accountant by profession and a small business owner.  Sam has thirty years of accounting and finance experience that he wants to put to work for the people of Mississippi.

He is looking to bring a little business sense to the Public Service Commission, which regulates our utilities and therefore impacts our lives — and our family budgets — every single day.  This is a race we can win and it would be great to have Sam Britton on the PSC.  If you live in one of these counties, Sam will be on your ballot on November 3rd and needs your vote:

Adams, Amite, Clark, Covington, Forrest, Franklin, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Jasper, Jones, Jeff Davis, Lamar, Lawrence, Lincoln, Marion, Pearl River, Perry, Pike, Simpson, Smith, Stone, Walthall, Wayne, Wilkinson.

To find out more about Sam Britton or to help with his campaign, check out  And, if you’re on Facebook, like him at


GOP Volunteers of the Week:

Harrison County TARs!

The Mississippi Republican Party is strong and successful because it is made up of hard-working, dedicated volunteers.  You are our boots on the ground and our very best message ambassadors.  While it’s a hard task to choose a volunteer of the week from so many great grassroots activists, we want to highlight the work of some of you each week.  To start us off, we want to thank the Harrison County TARs (Teen Age Republicans).  These kids could have been sleeping in or hanging out with their friends, but last weekend they choose to spend time putting up signs as part of Governor Phil Bryant’s statewide Sign Blitz!

If you know of some conservative teens who want to get involved, we’re always happy to hook them up with an established chapter or help them start one of their own.  Just contact Spencer Ritchie at for more information.

And, if you know of a great volunteer who needs some extra recognition for their enthusiasm and hard work, please contact Michelle Williams at to cast a nomination!

Voter Registration Deadline Almost Here

on Sep 21, 2015


If you are not already registered to vote in the place where you now live, please take a moment today to fill out, print, and mail-in the voter registration form provided here. These forms may also be picked up at your county Circuit Clerk’s office.

Also, if you have family members, friends, or neighbors who may not be registered to vote where they live, or if you know someone who has recently moved and may not have re-registered in their new location, please forward this email or the link to the registration form.

October 3rd is the deadline to register to vote in the November 3rd general election. Registration forms must be hand-delivered or mailed to your county’s Circuit Clerk. If mailed, the registration forms must be postmarked no later than October 3rd to be accepted.

Your voice and your vote matter. Register today!


Spencer Ritchie
Executive Director

There They Go Again! (Vol. 6)

on Sep 16, 2015

September 16, 2015

Inspired by Ronald Reagan’s famous retort to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 Presidential race, an email series keeping tabs on erroneous, preposterous, and/or deceptive statements uttered by out-of-touch Mississippi Democrats in an election year.

In his first political ad of the election season, Democrat Attorney General Jim Hood is trying to look all buddy-buddy with Mississippi’s popular Republican governor, Phil Bryant.

But, then why is Jim Hood’s campaign staff suing Governor Bryant over the Initiative 42 ballot? That initiative is really just an end-run around the locally elected – and Republican dominated – state legislature. It will make a single judge in Jackson a super-legislator able to dictate major policy changes.

Little wonder Initiative 42 is bankrolled by left-wing organizations out of Washington, D.C. And, Jim Hood’s campaign staff are doing their dirty work here in Mississippi.

See- same folks on the Jim Hood payroll are behind the lawsuit against Governor Bryant. Guess that’s why they didn’t name the Attorney General in the suit.

The truth is Jim Hood’s real friends are in Washington, D.C. and they look down on good Mississippi values. Remember what Barack Obama said about those of us who “cling to guns or religion”?

When Governor Bryant and Mississippians have needed Jim Hood to stand up to Barack Obama on issues like ObamaCare, traditional marriage, illegal immigration, and job-killing federal regulations, Jim Hood is nowhere to be found.

That’s one reason Governor Bryant is proudly supporting Republican Mike Hurst in the race for Attorney General. Mike Hurst will fight the radical Obama agenda on life issues, our Second Amendment rights, and more. He’ll stand with Governor Bryant and defend our conservative values.

As a Federal prosecutor, Mike Hurst took down corrupt politicians. He’s not afraid to fight for what’s right. Maybe that’s why more than 90% of his campaign contributions come from over 600 unique Mississippi voters. Jim Hood’s got less than 35 contributions from Mississippians. The bulk of Hood’s money comes from national Democrat political operations.

So, Jim Hood, in your next commercial, use a picture of yourself with Barack Obama so we can see who you really call friend when you’re not looking for votes.

Jim Hood with Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, who, upon retiring earlier this year, pointed to his inability to further restrict Second Amendment rights as his greatest failure as U.S. Attorney General and his work to support same-sex marriage as one of his greatest accomplishments.


MSGOP Leadership Unanimously Approves Resolution Opposing Initiative 42

on Sep 15, 2015

State Central Committee endorses a “Vote Against Both” approach to Initiative 42

 Jackson, MS – The Mississippi Republican Party’s State Central Committee unanimously adopted a resolution yesterday urging Republicans across the state to VOTE AGAINST BOTH for the education initiatives on this November’s ballot.

“Republican leadership has education funding at its highest levels ever in our state history, has more students reading at grade level than even a year ago, and is nurturing teaching excellence with a pay raise and a merit pay program,” said Joe Nosef, Chairman of the MSGOP. “But Initiative 42 isn’t about education. Initiative 42 is a power grab, pure and simple.”

“It gives a single judge in Jackson the power to rewrite policy, and it puts locally elected members of the House and Senate at the mercy of that judge,” continued Nosef. “And, we’re not just talking about a single education funding formula. Initiative 42 gives that one judge policy-making powers that could impact policies from infrastructure spending to taxes, and much, much more.”

This push to amend the Mississippi Constitution is bankrolled and run by several groups from Washington, D.C. with deep connections to a variety of liberal causes, including Planned Parenthood, President Obama’s campaigns, the Human Rights Campaign, the SEIU, and the AFL-CIO. In recent years, left-wing causes when unable to get their agenda through Congress have taken to the courts with some success, such as the recent same-sex marriage case. Many consider Initiative 42 a test case for a similar strategy in states with Republican legislatures.

“This is just an end-run around the legislature elected by the people of Mississippi,” said Nosef. “These groups can come down to Mississippi from Washington, D.C. to try to tell us how to run things, but I think they’ll find that Mississippians are not just going to hand them control. We urge voters to vote AGAINST BOTH and then FOR ALTERNATIVE INITIATIVE 42A.”

MSGOP 42 Resolution


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