The Republican Party of Mississippi is the Mississippi political party affiliate of the national Republican Party. The group is headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi.



As Republicans, we believe in faith, free speech, the Second Amendment, the right to life, lower taxes, secure borders, and limited government. Unlike Democrats, we don’t believe the Constitution is just a piece of paper. We believe it is the foundation that helped make the United States the greatest country in history. 

As Governor, my top priority has been and will always be to ensure Mississippi is the best state to live, worship, work, and raise a family. The Mississippi Republican Party has been instrumental in helping to accomplish this mission.

The Mississippi Republican Party is on the frontlines defending our state from radical leftists, cancel culture, open borders, and socialist economic policies. Our organization is comprised of Mississippians who are unwavering in the support of freedom and conservative values, and I am proud to serve alongside them. 

No matter the obstacles the radical left may put in front of us, the Mississippi Republican Party will never back down from protecting the culture that makes our state great. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

With your support, we will preserve our values, ensure Mississippi’s long-term success, and make our state an even better place for future generations. 

Get involved. Stay active. Vote Republican. 

Join me in keeping Mississippi Red.

To preserving liberty,

Governor Tate Reeves


14th Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party

Mike Hurst is a partner at the law firm Phelps Dunbar LLP in Jackson, Mississippi, where he specializes in general litigation, regulatory and administrative law, white collar defense, and internal investigations. 

Before joining Phelps, Mike was appointed by President Donald J. Trump to serve as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi from 2017 to 2021. Prior to becoming U.S. Attorney, Mike established the Mississippi Justice Institute, the legal arm of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, and in 2015, Mike was the Republican nominee for Mississippi Attorney General.  

Prior to running for Attorney General, Mike served for almost a decade as a federal prosecutor in Jackson, and before that, Mike worked on Capitol Hill, first as Counsel to the House Judiciary Committee, Constitution Subcommittee, and later as Legislative Director and Counsel for Congressman Chip Pickering.  Mike began his legal career as an Associate at Troutman Sanders LLP in its Washington, DC, office.  

Mike currently serves as the Chairman of the United Republican Fund for the Mississippi Republican Party and is a Lifetime Member of both the Republican National Lawyers Association and the National Rifle Association. Mike is a 2024 Fellow in the Manhattan Institute’s American Conservatism and Governing Fellowship Program, currently serves a Member of the Advisory Board for the Protecting Americans Action Fund, which seeks to promote and elect prosecutors who uphold and enforce the rule of law, and has been active in a variety of national and local leadership roles with the Federalist Society since law school.  Mike also previously served on the board of Unite Mississippi, was a 2021 Fellow in the Club for Growth Foundation Fellowship Program, and has litigated various pro bono matters for clients with the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Mike is originally from Hickory, Mississippi, and married his high school sweetheart, Celeste, who serves as a State Representative for District 75 in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Mike is a graduate of East Central Community College, Millsaps College, and George Washington University Law School.  Mike, Celeste, and their family live in the Sandhill community of Rankin County, Mississippi.

Mississippi Republican Party


The Republican Party of Mississippi (MRP) was founded in 1956. The party is composed of a state executive committee, a state central committee, and affiliated clubs and coalitions, including the Mississippi Federation of Republican Women, Mississippi Federation of College Republicans and the Young Republican Federation of Mississippi.


The state party is governed by a set of rules and bylaws. Typically, these give structure to the different levels of organization—local, county, and state committees—and establish protocol for electing committee members. The bylaws also typically give details on the party’s process for nominating and sending delegates to the national party convention during presidential elections. The following is a selection of the Mississippi Republican Party’s rules.

  • The State Central Committee of the Party shall be composed of the members of the State Executive Committee, the National Committeeman, the National Committeewoman, the State Finance Chairman, the General Counsel, any former State Party Chairman, the Chairman of the Mississippi Young Republican Federation, the President of the Mississippi Federation of Republican Women, the President of the Mississippi Republican Elected Officials Association, the Chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans, the Treasurer, the Chairman of the Capital Foundation, the Chairman of the United Republican Fund, the Chairman of the Teen Age Republicans; and all Republicans elected to state-wide office, the Mississippi Transportation Commission, the Mississippi Public Service Commission, the United States Senate, and the United States House of Representatives; as well as the Republican Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives. Elected officials, when necessarily absent from the meetings of the Central Committee, may be represented by persons designated by them in writing for that purpose, who shall have all the privileges of members of the Central Committee. (VI.1)


  • STATE CHAIRMAN. The State Chairman shall be elected by the State Executive Committee in the manner herein set forth; shall be the Chairman of and preside at all meetings of the State Convention, State Executive Committee, and State Central Committee; shall be the chief executive officer of the Party; shall have general supervision over the affairs, activities and employees of the Party; shall make all Committee appointments unless herein or by law otherwise provided; shall be responsible for drafting and submitting a budget for approval of the State Central Committee; and shall perform such other duties as are required by law and as usually pertain to the office of Chairman, including coordination with other State and National Party leaders. (VII.1)


  • State Executive Committee shall consist of thirteen members from each Congressional District to be chosen by the Delegates from the different Congressional Districts, each District acting separately, and shall hold office for a term of not more than four (4) years. All vacancies in the State Executive Committee shall be filled by the Committee with a qualified elector from the appropriate Congressional District in which the vacancy occurs. (V.1-2)


Freedom matters. But freedom in America is under attack. As Mississippi Republicans, we are fighting at every level of government to protect your liberties and the conservative cause. Join us and stand alongside the thousands of Mississippians who understand we must keep our nation free.”

 – MSGOP Chairman Frank Bordeaux