JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi GOP Chairman Frank Bordeaux released a statement today after President Biden continued his calls to repeal Title 42, a critical immigration policy that allowed for the immediate deportation of illegal immigrants in order to protect public health:

“Title 42 is one of the last remaining vestiges of President Trump’s robust border security strategy. Joe Biden has destroyed the rest and as a result created untamed chaos at the border. Given that Title 42 has thwarted more than 1.7 million illegal resettlements since President Trump instituted the policy, Americans can expect Biden’s border crisis to only deepen when the policy is rescinded this May. It’s time to put America First, preserve Title 42, build the wall, and elect conservative leaders who will secure our borders.”

March 2022 marked the worst month of Biden’s border crisis, with 221,303 illegal border crossings (up 33% from February and 542% from 2020).